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Another Letter To My Parents

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

My goodness, will you ever learn? No, you are too old, you are to set in your ways, you are too influenced by people like you, you are full of hate.

I have read so many blog posts and mental health pages regarding dealing with parents who refuse to change their racist ways. I have commented and received feedback regarding loving the hater, not the hate. I am sorry, but I am through with that. Sure, you spent time and money, taking away valuable time that my brother needed in order to help me through my diabetes episodes. I cannot give that back and, to be honest, I should not have to.

Mum and Dad, you have to stop being awful. You need to stop Facebooking and searching for racist tropes to fuel your hatred fires. You need to understand Canada will not adopt Sharia Law, Canada is not a Muslim caliphate (yes, Dad, you actually said this) and we are not a Communist Nazi state (Dad, you said this as well, whatever the hell it means). Get your heads out of your ass and move into real life. Get off Facebook and stop reading books written by good Imerpialistic white men and women. Just bloody well stop.

You have ruined our relationship. I have stopped participating in family functions, including funerals, as I cannot stand the sight of both of you. You are disgusting humans. You also have an opportunity to not be disgusting. You can change your mindset. You can remove your Yellow Vest support badge and move into a more inclusive and loving circle. You have raised my brother and I in a relative covert hate-filled environment. You cannot deny this. You know damn well that church and God only existed on Sundays and at supper - do not for one moment think you can invoke the Bible to defend your actions. You do not know Jesus. You do not know him at all. The shit you post on Facebook comes from a segment of the population that want a fascist state, and you, right now, agree with this. You have the nerve to ask for God to be returned to school? Really? Your biggest complaint was the removal of the national anthem, not the Lord's Prayer when it was done at my elementary school. You are not fooling anyone.

I am missing out on birth notices, cancer treatments, school graduations because you are completely awful. I am not saying I hate you, but I don't love you. How can I love people who out-rightly hate on the LGBTQ+ community, make fun of Black Lives Matter, stand up for police that brutalise humans based on their colour and accuse our politicians of supporting known Muslim terrorist groups? You are delusional.

You can fix this. You can turn to your God, the one born to migrant parents forced to run from a man ordered to kill their child due to a fear of him taking over the thrown of Jerusalem - a throne that he did not want. This is being made public, just like your Facebook posts, so you cannot claim I am outting you, as you do a good job of that on your own. Dad, don't tell me Mum is crying. Mum, don't pretend this hurts you. You brought this on yourselves and your refusal to see the pain and anguish you have caused makes you even worse.

Just stop.

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