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When I say I do not like something or criticise the discussion of something that I believe is taken too seriously (like DJs) I never, ever say the things they do are not valuable and should not be released. Nickelback is still allowed to be Nickelback even though I think a paperclip makes a better sound.

I do find the clinginess of some subjects physically draining and that is when I react - and boy, do I react! I have been accused of being rather silly when trying not to look stupid. Okay, that was not the exact wording, but that was the meaning. At least I admit I don't understand, which takes a lot when watched by a group of NO fans, let me tell you. As with what I do, yes, there are very few people who do care and that is great. I am guessing part of the reason I do not get any response is I can be completely and utterly unbearable at times. Personality is an issue, that is true, and I am taking the time to work on that.

Next year.

What I would like from all of us is to look at how, not what, we present our offerings. I try to present my arrangements in such a way that those who do not normally listen to Classical music take a chance; that is how I discovered House Music. Oh, I knew it existed, I am not clueless, only I allowed myself to open the access to the musty loft to look through the moth-eaten trunk and find a gorgeous wedding dress.

I have discovered, through a lot of introspection and review, social media (Facebook in particular) has been the ruin of my inner core. I also found Facebook to be a place where high school continues thirty years after it happened. We have friends (or had friends) we knew for years, and prior to the pandemic, we saw quite regularly. Facebook status updates, in some case, deem to be redundant if you have just seen one person who replied to your post about Froot Loops three minutes ago. I look to social media as a way to connect with people who do not live on the same continent.

I barely tolerate those close to me in real-time.

It is these interpersonal connections between besties that make me uncomfortable and feel like moving on. I think outside my zone, and the music I create helps me do that. Without the people I have been in touch with on social media, I would never have tried remixing or arranging a Classical music piece. Most of this is my fault, as I choose to remain surrounded, virtually, by those who make me uncomfortable. I have found valuable and loving friends on Facebook, for example, so I cannot say the previous sentence without recognising the goodness.

It is one thing to be proud of being a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, and this will link to my comment a few spaces above, but to surround yourself with the pride of Rider Nation can be detrimental (yes, I use that word on purpose) for those who have no f-word clue what you are talking about. Stick to groups that share your interest, but do not forsake those who do not; they are part of your lifeline.

"How do we become more inclusive?" you should ask. Speaking as someone who lives with this every day, literally, try giving some background to what you are posting, otherwise, share it privately with the people who would understand. I try to do that as much as possible by sharing a story that introduces the concept of a Chopin performance or the background to a local story, though it can be tough on Twitter due to the number of characters allowed per tweet. Also, allow for questions, no matter how small or awkward. A person in Chile may not understand your complaint about the price of snow tyres, for example. With that, be prepared to stand up against those who snicker-comment on the aforementioned question. Be defensive whilst not being offensive.

There will be times, and I am guilty of this, people will over-react to a post, sometimes not fully understanding the subject (another one of my bad habits). A private message is a way to go, but be careful, your presentation can make the recipient (Person A) more confused and feel more insignificant. There may be a point when Person A mentions some of your friends are hurtful and rather assholey. As you can tell, I have on more than one occasion been Person A. You may not see it right away, but an outside source relaying information about a person who may be your best friend (Person B) can be awful, yet it is necessary. I have also been Person B.

I have become a member of a Kindness Train on Twitter and have connected with a set of awesome people. I found I am not the only one who creates Electronic-Classical music - win! I also joined a Facebook group called Women in Music Saskatchewan. Though the connection there is small, I have discovered Saskatchewan does not just produce

Nashville-ey Country and Western. I love it! I am not saying this is a beginning of a new me, as I am working on the next year, remember.

I have cut some relationships, or to be more realistic, they have been cut away from me. Am I disappointed? A little bit. Was this my fault? Yes, a lot. In the moments of despair, I discovered a new way to react and to include people in my space, or what is left of it. I do care very much for everything created by my DJ friends, only not the exclusivity of their presentations. I look for one day to be able to go to a gig where the DJ plays Andrew Weatherall and Soft Cell in the same set and not be afraid of the reaction. Those people exist, I just know it. I want it. Just not on a boat, as I need to be able to leave if I get too tired or need a break from the bombastic beats.

Heck, they can play Nickelback as well.

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