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Just Take One Day Off

This 2022 I would like one day without seeing posts and/or replies to posts on social media relating to the following:

  1. Andrew Weatherall,

  2. Primal Scream,

  3. New Order, and

  4. Memes of white women dressed in Indigenous clothes sharing Buddhist prayer.

Three out of the four are all good in their own right and should be celebrated, but the fourth is unnecessary and very racist. Number 4 will not be discussed here.

Just one day, please.

In the past, I have been told by people that most don't care (not like, but care) about Classical music, my passive-aggressiveness about Indie music from the UK as being insufferable, and asked to stop posting about residential schools, so I decided to stop (or limit) posting and discussing the things I like and responding to the insular. I still post the odd thing I like or angers me, as I am extremely stubborn.

With my break from the things I like, I forced myself to listen to new music (new to me, anyway), read new books (most given to me by a friend) and discover Time Team. Being bullied into change has had a good effect, however, it has also caused an increase in regret. I have, more or less, been made to change who I am, but those who suggested the stoppage continue to multiply. Suppression, we think, is what governments do to stop the spread of ideas, but it is also done by those who may be uncomfortable with something different in the musical world.

I rarely post my orchestral music arrangements anymore, even though I still get them registered with SOCAN. People do care about Classical music, I know that after seeing Twitter brightened up with the excitement of Arnold Schoenberg's works going into the public domain! It was beautiful. Classical musicians are the most diverse group of music makers around. They play for operas, symphonies and Juice Newton. I have said this before: Classical music composers invented the remix - they called it 'theme and variation'.

People assume my awkwardness to things like reading Saki rather than Hello!, and listening to The Manic Street Preachers rather than Drake (Gawd, those two are not comparable, sorry) comes from my seclusion living in Waldheim. No, I was doing those things living in Regina. From a young age I never really fit in and it seeped into the present. I am Wendalynn and I do stuff, that's it. Being diagnosed as neuro-divergent is another reason.

I do very much like the work of Andrew Weatherall; he was a true genius. I was late to the House music party, but I value my experience with Classical music, which allowed me to listen to him from a different reference point.

I grew up listening to the radio, but I rarely cared about the artist who performed a song, only liking the song itself. That mindset helped me miss nearly every piece of New Order that was played, even though I knew the songs when I discovered them later.

Primal Scream was a late introduction and I admit throwing out Screamadelica after I got it as a gift, not truly understanding the importance.

I have requested my friends and followers to expand their experiences. Without blaming some of them outright for my change in direction, I think it is only fair to ask for a break. Unlike me, they can go back to posting the same thing over and over. The love of an artist needs to be celebrated and I fully encourage it.

Just take one day off.

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