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I feel rather silly saying this, but on one occasion I had to state, on Twitter, I am not a bot due to the fact my Twitter handle had a number. I have since found a way to fix it. Bots can do this too, mind, but most of then have used up most of their energy with seven numbers in their @ness. Oh, I should say "hello", as it has been a while since I have been here. Yes, my mental state and crotchety father were the primary reasons, yet the idea of posting here never indeed left. Most of you are aware of my mentally mental state and the vast array of colours it takes at times.

Now you are asking "Wendalynn, what are you doing now?" No, you are not asking this, who am I kidding. I do not want to get into too many details and relive moments of uninterestingness. I also do not want to spend time telling you all my hopes and dreams of this space, as I cannot physically do it. As I have said in other places, I am the Queen of Unfinished Projects, and I am vying for Leader of Unattainable Dreams. I am also trying my best to write more than two-sentence paragraphs. There are so many blog posts out there with more than two-sentence sections, how I am to compete?

First, I cannot; second, I will not. I did not realise there was a contest. Okay, there probably is, being the Internet and all, however, I am too tired to worry about that. I was on my way to create an entire Wendalious media nightmare, which was to include spoken word, audiobooks, musication and poetry. After discovering my poetry was going nowhere, I decided to do stuff as it happens. I still musicate, read books out loud, kinda-sorta-quilt and make an utter fool of myself in DJ Internet chatrooms. All of the previously mentioned things happen, and I cannot love it anymore than I do.

Right now, Canada is going through an election; the big day is 21 October 2019. After watching the s-wordy show in the United States and the Brexit fiasco in the UK, our little bag of rabid starfish is nothing. I will not get into that now, as it is only Day Three (13 September). I am focusing on getting all my stuff prepared for my trip to England. I am only going to England at this time, as I will be by myself, and I do not have enough legs to tour all over the island. I know I will be going during the UK's biggest temper tantrum ever recorded, yet there are friends I need to see and pictures to take. I also have not been on a proper holiday in over three years. I sincerely hope my friends will be prepared for my awkwardness in person.

Preparing this site does cause me some inner brain discomfort. I have had the knowledge of an empty space sneak up whilst I am at work trying to get the payables in on time. Do not be surprised if I do not stop by here every day. I will probably think about it every day, however, I am thankful for a job that lets me worry about other things. If you are new to my centre of things, you will learn quite quickly I can be rather sarcastic, observant, but most of all, extremely nervous to the state of panic.

I take my leave, my good friends, and try to figure out how to use my new hand grinder to make the perfect cup of coffee. All right, nothing is perfect and this contraption does have a personality. The device works the way it should, winding an grinding, only now I need to find the appropriate grind level for my taste.

Attempt number seven worked out okay, I think.

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