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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

My dad had asked me to (basically) give up caring about truth and compassion. To maintain my own mental health, I have to accept his bigotry, his hate and his poor grammar. Fine. Now he has to take care of his mental health by ignoring Facebook memes that convince him Sharia Law is in Canada and penguins organised climate change.

Goes both ways, dude.

We hear and read so much about cyberbullying, and frankly, it is a problem. I may have stepped into the instigator role, sadly. When I see posts and photos declaring it is okay to be racist against white people, my blood catches fire; my dad is one of these who believe, as a white men, he should be allowed to be proud to be white. He has even gone as far as admitting he is racist. I have it inside me to stand up against this, and maybe I go too far declaring my anger. I want to say my dad wears a tinfoil hat but does that count as bullying?


I was bullied throughout my life for various reasons: I was chubby, I have Diabetes, I read books with big words, and I prefer Massive Attack over Portishead. I think I have touched on this before, so I apologise for repeating myself. You see, it is easy to fall into the pit of despair, trying to defend a defending action. I reply to my dad’s wild claims because I cannot bear the idea my own father is supporting and spreading outright lies. My brother, who has also asked him (and our mum, btw) to stop, told me to just let it go.

They are old, let it go.

I get criticised for publically airing my family issues, yet the person who complains the most posts things like this:

My God. Wait, I just realised something, the photo above may have broken copyright rules. Whoa!

How did I turn out different? How did I not fall into this cellar when this type of thing was all around me when I was growing up? I am glad Facebook did not exist during The Troubles, as my dad would have a field day playing in the hate zone. Yes, Dad, you would have found a meme to show your reasons to not allow Irish Catholics into Canada, like you do Muslims today.

Admit it.

His posts on Facebook are public, as I have mentioned before. Knowing this, I do not recommend finding him and leaving messages, as I do not think that is fair. This fight is between him and me. I do not want strangers getting involved. On the other hand, he does open himself up for comment. If you chose to seek him out, tread carefully. And no, I will not give out his name.

I do notice no one stands up for him when I comment. I would love some response other than the line about our military personnel fighting to save our right to be an asshole. I guess his friends do not want to get involved or are tired of the ramblings. It is too bad, really; we all need that back-up.

In the end, I need to continue to fight on the side of goodness, fairness and clean air. I am not saying I have lost the battle against hate with my dad, no, I am prepared to do it in other ways. I am a member of PETA, I donate and support OUTSaskatoon, I read books that

encourage thought, I wash plastic straws to be used again.

I have become one of my dad’s nightmares. I guess my job here is done.

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