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Voter Regret

Here is an admission: I voted for Andrew Scheer in 2004.

You see, the NDP and Liberal candidates in the riding of Regina-Qu'Appelle were unvotable - I knew both through various provincial and federal election campaigns. Scheer seemed like a nice person, according to those who met him or spoke with him on the phone. I never met him nor talked to him, but according to my father's opinion, he was a rather good young man. Andrew Scheer was the second-youngest person to be voted in as a Member of Parliament at the time. He beat Lorne Nystrom, the youngest person to elected as an MP, in 2004. My father, the Returning Officer of Scheer's riding, was smart to keep these opinions at home. I listened, and I fell for it. Right now, I read about so many people who have given up watching and reading the news. I soak it up to keep informed and safe from mind melders, or what we would call bots now.

After Andrew Scheer's speech during the same-sex marriage debate in 2005, I slowly learned to read between the lines. I also was not afraid to cross some - namely, the ones drawn by my dad, who had slowly began to turn blue. I crossed into NDP territory after being heartbroken by the Liberal Party of Canada. By 2006, my dad's last run as RO and I a few months from leaving for Saskatoon, I was breaking into my sense of political self. I had always felt a place in the Liberal Party, having volunteered for Liberal candidates in both provincial and federal elections. I did vote NDP in 2006 and 2015, leaving 2008 and 2011 to the Liberals.

In 2009 my husband and I moved to Waldheim, Saskatchewan home to maybe two left-sided humans other than us. Our MP, up until 2015, was Maurice Vallecott, Conservative. Though most people in town could not stand the man on a personal level, they voted for him because they wanted Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. And boy did they get what they wanted. In 2015, after a series of riding reshuffles, Vallecott retired and former Waldheim mayor, Kelly Block, took over the post in the new riding of Carton Trail-Eagle Creek. As like the last bout, this year will likely be another huge win for Ms Block. Not because of Trudeau's "carbon tax" but due to Trudeau. And the LGBTQ2 community. Waldheimers dislike the LGBTQ2 community just as much as vegans hate meat. I have been called a "Commie" and a "freak" after I came out as bisexual. I joined PETA out of spite!

Also in 2015, my father became a full supporter of the Conservative Party and going as far as condoning the actions of the Yellow Vest movement, The Rebel Media (and its support of Tommy Robinson) and the fight against Sharia Law. I tweeted to Andrew Scheer how his inability separate himself from white-nationalists helped to cause a family to fall apart.

It is going to get worse, classmates, if the Tories win. Though I am not telling you who to vote for, please take careful consideration. You do have the right to vote Conservative, as protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I also do not want my right to make decisions about my body to be taken away, which I fear may happen under a Conservative government. Oh, most Waldheimers would like that as well. Fifteen years ago, I was naive, and now I am full of regret.

For the last 15 years, I have tried to make up for it, only to move into the thickest part of the awfulness. Even some of the pastors in Waldheim are willing to shut down their morals. What needs to be understood is the majority of the voting public want someone in government who "get" us. Oh, the Conservatives (or the version created by Stephen Harper that we see today) gets us so much they stopped scientists from discussing science and accused environmentalists of being terrorists. It draws a comparison to the Cromwellian Puritans who banned Christmas. All right, that is a stretch, but "patriots" like my dad would get it.

I was unfriended by someone who refused to give me one reason why she is voting Tory. The one rule was not to mention the carbon tax. "There are so many reasons, I can't name just one," she wrote over and over. Sorry, there is one reason she did not know it. Andrew Scheer's Conservative Party love people like this woman and love people like my father. People like them are what is shaping our country still to this day. This former friend (awk, I sound 17) is too young to be an Old Stock Canadian; only she thinks like one.

Please, I want you all how are eligible to vote, vote. Again, I do not care who you vote for, as in the end, you know you have made a difference. This election I am voting Liberal, not because there is no NDP candidate at the time of print but due to a better chance of my voice counting.

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