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I have chosen to arrange the operetta "La Chaste Suzanne" by Jean Gilbert as my first album release, as this project has become a massive part of my mental health treatment and also the result of hyperfocus rabbit holing. It began when I decided to collect the waltz scores published by E. Bevilacqua & Cia (Brazil) and this project morphed into compiling all operas listed in their collection.

Due to limited sound editing devices and patience (this is one of my biggest hurdles), I do not record vocal tracks. I once called myself tone-deaf, but I was told that idea did not exist; my bucket is not big enough to carry the tunes. I try to keep to the tempo markings to the best of my ability, seeking sound recordings and videos of performances. Parts of "La Chaste Suzanne" were recorded on a player piano, which can be found here: Marche des fêtards | Opérette La Chaste Suzanne | J. Gilbert | Pianola Steck player piano |

Please, enjoy what you find here and  I will add more opera offerings once I get through my diamond art phase. All joking aside, I am hard at work on the second opera on my list: "Zigeunerliebe" by Franz Lehár.

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